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Tour of Montgomery Country Road Ride

This bike event will be a Fifty (50) mile tour of Montgomery County and its Towns and sights. The Tour will begin and end in Troy NC at the Roy Maness Nature Preserve. The route will take riders to all five Towns and the Town Creek Indian Mound State Historic Site. This will be a supported ride with stations at each Town for food and refreshments. Riders are encouraged to enjoy the hospitality of each waypoint.

Riders will receive a “Swag Tour” package and award for this half- century. Enjoy a visit to Star Works, Candor Peach Pop, Town Creek Indian Mound (Bathroom Facilities), Mt. Gilead Historic Downtown, and finishing in Troy where there will be Food and Music in the downtown. Enjoy the back roads of North Carolinas Central Park, Montgomery County.       

Registration will be limited to 100 riders



This event features two person teams competing in a race featuring bikes and four challenges along the course through the Uwharrie National Forest.  Teams will start at the Kings Point Campground at 10 AM and wind their way over paved and gravel roads on their bikes. Four stations will be set up with various challenges that must be completed before moving on to the next station. Challenges will be various and fun for all participants. 

The race will consist of about 25-30 miles on the bike in segments of 5 to 8 miles each. Teams can compete in one of four categories, Male, Female, Co-ed and Parent Child. Awards will be in each category and all contestants will receive a “Bigfoot” swag package. This Race will be competitive but a moderate challenge and all ages are encouraged to participate. 

Field will be limited to 50 teams but singles can request matching by event staff with other riders. This is a great team building event that will become a highlighted event every year at the North Carolina Outdoor Festival.